1. Littlehampton Dog Training Club (LDTC) is a club run by volunteers for the training of puppies and dogs by use of the reward system.

2. LDTC aims to offer a quality standard of training for handlers and their dogs.

3. LDTC is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our membership and those enrolled in an individual class (handlers).

4. This LDTC Statement of Privacy sets out the way that personal information (data) is collected, processed and stored in accordance with current data protection laws (The Data Protection Act 1998 and EU General Data Protection Regulation).  It may be updated at times as required by law.

5. Personalinformationis collected when an individual joins LDTC as a member or enrols in any individual class and is stored by electronic or other than electronic means and reviewed at regular intervals.

6. Personal information is information that identifies a person and includes: name; address; telephone number(s) email address; payment information.

7. LDTC collects only such personal informationthat permits the group to carry out usual, legitimate procedures. These are: keeping handlers informed with regard to activities and events; organising   and carrying out activities and events; managing enquiries and queries.

8. Your personal informationwill be deleted from our records within two years of you leaving the club.

9. Personal information may be used to process handlers’ applications and renewals and processing individual classes.

10. LDTC will not pass or sell on any personal informationto any other organisations. (An exception to this would be notification to the Kennel Club of contact details when a handler takes part in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.)

11. LDTC will only share personal information when required to do so by law when requested by government or law enforcement agencies.

12. LDTC will only contact handlers who have given permission for contact to take place.

13. LDTC takes the privacy and safety of its handlers’ personal information seriously and  ensures that the data is held securely, is accessed by very few authorised personnel and that the internal processes and systems are reviewed at regular intervals.

14. Personal information is held throughout paid-up membership and individual class events. Any handler can request to see the personal information held about them or ask to have it deleted/removed by contacting the Membership Secretary.

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