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Class - 3 - 20:15 - 20:55

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Puppy Course - 17.45 - 18:20

Puppies and older dogs  join together to build on basic training.   Heelwork accuracy (on lead) will be improved; the duration of the stay exercises increased; improving the recall and introducing the "finish" exercise and starting the beginning of the retrieve exercise.  Handlers will be encouraged to put classroom training into practise at home and outdoors.

Adult Foundation - 18:20 -18:55 

Dog Of the term

Established in 1972

This class aims to achieve a high standard of heel

work  on the lead, recall off the lead and the

finish exercise will be improved. Also  building on the retrieve and stay times will be extended.

Classes at Littlehampton Dog Training Club

Class - 1 - 18:55 - 19:35

Littlehampton Dog Training Club

Class - 2 - 19:35 - 20:15

In this class you will carry on improving your heelwork to a high standard and progress to heelwork off the lead. Also full novice recall and working towards the completion of an A recall. Stay times will be extended, with the hope of starting out of sight stays and the stand stay. The retrieve will also be improved upon. 

This is the most advanced class where exercises are given greater accuracy. Other tests such as scent, send away and distance control are taught. It's a flexible group with some members starting, or aiming to start, in competitive obedience, while others just  enjoy the challenge of dog training. This group covers individual and group work, ensuring that any handlers or dogs requiring  extra help will get the support they need.

This is a 12-week  course specialising in the basics of puppy training together with socialisation. Handlers will also be given the opportunity to undertake the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Course.  The basic training will cover 'attention', the 'sit', 'down' and 'stand' positions; walking in a controlled manner (heelwork) on lead; the recall and the sit and down stay exercises.  The opportunity to continue training at a higher level after this Course will be offered at the end of the course.  

Class - 4 - 20:55 21;45

This is a 12 week course for older dogs who may have had little or no previous

obedience training. The basic training will be aimed particularly at 'attention';

the 'sit' & 'down' positions; the recall; heelwork and the sit & down stay position. 

The opportunity to continue training at a higher level will  be

 offered at the end of the Course.